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Terms and Conditions

Last updated: June 19, 2020

KVBBQ Tickets Policy

When purchasing tickets from New Friendly Inn Pty Ltd (ACN 152729998) ('We', 'Us', 'Our') t/as Kangaroo Valley Craft Beer and BBQ Festival ('KVBBQ') your personal and financial details are directed through our third parties, including but not limited to, Eventsframe and Stripe.

When you purchase tickets to attend KVBBQ, we will utilise the services of Eventsframe.com to issue the tickets and Stripe.com to process the payments and/or any refund.

Excerpt from the EventsFrame Terms And Conditions Policy

Tickets Buyers And Event Attendees

We (Eventsframe) have no direct relationship with ticket buyers and event attendees. When our customers sell tickets to event attendees through the Service, the contractual relationship is between them. Our customers are responsible for providing their own terms of sale to their customers and accordingly, we will direct any ticket buyers/event attendees who have queries regarding the events to our customers. The customer agrees not to refer the ticket buyers/event attendees to us for support.

Every customer shall hold us harmless, and indemnify us, against all claims, costs and damages (both actual and consequential) arising out of, or in any way, connected with any dispute(s) with one or more of your customers; and/or your relationship with your customers.

Ticket Buyers And Event Attendees’ Personal Information Use

We comply with the General Data Protection Regulation ((EU) 2016/679) (the “GDPR”)).

For any personal information of ticket buyers and event attendees that we handle as part of the Service ("Customer Data"), we and our customers (“event organizers”) both agree that our customers are the "data controller" and we are the "data processor" in relation to that data.

Our customers hereby agree that (a) they will comply with Data Protections Law in relation to their handling of Customer Data, including informing the ticket buyers and event attendees or how their Customer Data will be handled by you as event organizer and by us; (b) they have sole responsibility for establishing and maintaining the lawful basis of the processing of Customer Data under these Terms, including where applicable the obtaining of all necessary consents from the ticket buyers and event attendees; and (c) where they export the Customer Data during the use of the Service (for example exporting a list as a spreadsheet or synchronizing third-party account), they are responsible for ensuring that the use of that Customer Data is compliant with data protection laws and the terms in place between them and the ticket buyers and event attendees.

We hereby agree to (a) process the Customer Data only in accordance with lawful instructions reasonably given by our customers to us, or as otherwise required by law. They hereby instruct us to use the Customer Data to perform the Service and as otherwise described in these Terms. Such instructions are their complete and final instructions to us for the use of Customer Data; (b) not reflect instructions from our customers that infringe data protection legislation (provided always that you acknowledge that you remain solely responsible for obtaining independent legal advice regarding the legality of your instructions and that a failure or delay by us to identify that an instruction infringes legislation shall not cause us to be in breach of our terms nor relieve you from your liability under this these terms); (c) ensure appropriate technical and organizational measures to protect Customer Data which equal to measures as set out in the Privacy Policy and, where applicable, assist our customers to comply with their security obligations and inform in case any Customer Data is lost or destroyed or becomes damaged, corrupted, or unusable or is otherwise subject to unauthorized or unlawful processing, including unauthorized or unlawful access or disclosure; (d) on termination of the Service, we will return, or destroy (at your direction), Customer Data in our possession or control unless applicable laws require the continued storage of such Customer Data. The deletion may take us up to 30 business days.

We may work with sub-processors to process Customer Data in connection with the provision of the Service, who will have equivalent obligations to which we are subject to.

We will not be liable for any claim brought by a ticket buyer or event attendee arising from any action or omission by us, to the extent that such action or omission resulted from your instructions.

In providing the Service, we may transfer personal information (including Customer Data) to third party service providers, which may store and process this personal information on servers located outside of the EEA (including for data back-up purposes). If we transfer Customer Data outside of the EEA in this way, we will take the appropriate steps to ensure that the Customer Data continues to be protected (typically through the third party agreeing to comply with European Commission approved contractual obligations in their standard terms).

Excerpt from the Stripe Global Privacy Policy

1. Overview

Stripe obtains Personal Data about you from various sources to provide our Services and to manage our Sites. “You” may be a visitor to one of our websites, a user of one or more of our Services (“User” or “Stripe User”), or a customer of a User (“Customer”). If you are a Customer, Stripe will generally not collect your Personal Data directly from you. Your agreement with the relevant Stripe User should explain how the Stripe User shares your Personal Data with Stripe, and if you have questions about this sharing, then you should direct those questions to the Stripe User.

2. Personal Data We Collect

a. Personal Data that we collect about you.

Personal Data is any information that relates to an identified or identifiable individual. The Personal Data that you provide directly to us through our Sites and Services will be apparent from the context in which you provide the data. In particular:

  • When you register for a Stripe account we collect your full name, email address, and account log-in credentials.
  • When you fill-in our online form to contact our sales team, we collect your full name, work email, country, and anything else you tell us about your project, needs and timeline.
  • When you use the “Remember Me” feature of Stripe Checkout, we collect your email address, payment card number, CVC code and expiration date.

Kangaroo Valley Craft Beer and BBQ Festival ('KVBBQ') Terms And Conditions

Conditions of Sale

All Prices quoted are in Australian Dollars and display local taxes (GST) in the summary total review.

Online sales will cease when the allocation of tickets is sold, at a time otherwise specified or usually 2 hours before doors open for the event.

We reserve the right not to sell tickets to any person, agent or company.

Tickets will be delivered to you by email to the email address you provide during the booking process. You may print a physical copy of your ticket upon receipt although you do not need the physical copy to check-in, the digital QR code on your ticket will be scanned at the gate.

Tickets may not, without our prior consent, be resold or offered for resale at a premium over the face value of the ticket (including via on-line auction sites) or used for advertising, promoting or other commercial purposes (including competitions and trade promotions) or to enhance the demand for other goods or services either by the original purchaser or any subsequent ticket holder.

Notwithstanding these terms and conditions, if you use a “disposable” or “temporary” credit card (such as those purchased over the counter at supermarkets) for Your online purchase We are not able to make any refund to you unless a) you can provide full details of the credit card; b) the credit card remains valid; and c) you can produce the online purchase receipt.

Refunds and exchanges

Eventsframe and Stripe act as agents for KVBBQ, and as such, will only refund tickets in accordance with KVBBQ's terms and conditions, and to the extent permitted by law, Eventsframe and Stripe have no liability to you.

We do not replace any lost, stolen or destroyed tickets or exchange or substitute tickets after purchase, except in limited circumstances. We reserve the right to charge you a reasonable fee for the replacement of tickets. Please treat your tickets like cash, as we cannot replace lost tickets.

KVBBQ reserves the right to alter the date, the venue and the entertainment and activities as advertised, without prior notice to you.  Your entitlement to a refund in such circumstances is determined by the KVBBQ.  Please contact KVBBQ directly in order to determine your eligibility for a refund.

If the date, time or venue of an event is rescheduled or changed, your ticket will remain valid for the rescheduled date, time and venue.

If KVBBQ authorises a Refund, we will refund to you the ticket price.  Booking Fees and any Processing Surcharge may be refunded, depending on the reason for the refund.

Any refund payable can only be made back to the credit card (whether temporary or otherwise) used in the original transaction.

KVBBQ will post any relevant information regarding any cancelled or rescheduled events in the news section of www.kvbbq.com.au, when applicable. It is your responsibility to check the website for information in relation to any events.

No Show / Failure to collect tickets / Delivery fulfilment

We fulfil our commitment to you for the sale of tickets by emailing the ticket to you.

If you have not received your ticket(s) within 48 hours of purchase, please contact KVBBQ.

Changes to Terms and Conditions

The terms and conditions that apply to any particular transaction will be the published terms and conditions at the time the transaction was finalised. Subject to the preceding sentence, we may alter or change the terms and conditions as they appear on this website from time to time effective immediately from posting on the web site.

You should periodically check this website and the above links to our service providers to ensure that you are aware of the latest terms and conditions.

KVBBQ is an all ages event but any children under 18 years must be under the strict supervision of a parent or Responsible Aduly at all times.

ID will be checked upon entry and must be held at all times during the festival.

There will be no tickets available at the gate so pre-purchase your tickets on the Eventsframe KVBBQ page.

If you leave the festival you will be unable to re-enter the festival.

The right to move festival venue is reserved.

No Gang paraphernalia allowed.

The right of admission is reserved.

The right is reserved to add, withdraw or substitute artists and / or events.

All bags / containers will be subject to a full search.

No outside food or drink (including alcohol) is allowed inside the venue.

Tickets are non-transferable and non-exchangeable.

No refund, exchange or replacement of tickets after purchase will be given.

KVBBQ staff maintain the right to ban any items that are not currently listed, that they feel may bring a risk of safety and/or vibe to this festival.

No refunds will be given for poor weather.

Entry is at own risk. KVBBQ does not accept responsibility for any injuries, losses or damage sustained in or around the venue.

Dogs are not permitted.

Stage diving, crowd surfing and moshing are strictly prohibited.

Aggressive and/or intoxicated behaviour will not be tolerated and could result in eviction.

KVBBQ maintains the right to cancel tickets purchases of any persons whom the company deem not suitable for this event.

The event will run even in the event of bad weather unless the safety of patrons and artists are in danger. The organisation does reserve the right to reschedule the event and change locations.

A list of general rules will be available to you before entering, including noise restrictions, emergency numbers and security numbers as well as a map of the property and information on tours and activities.

What happens if you have an inquiry or complaint?

For inquiries or complaints regarding the sale and delivery of tickets please contact us by the email below.

For inquiries or complaints regarding the staff and / or amenities at a venue or event, please contact us by the email below.

For inquiries or complaints regarding the artist’s performance, sound or lighting or production quality, please contact us by the email below.

If you deny or dispute a charge on your credit card made by us, please contact us immediately.  We consider credit card fraud to be a serious offence and we aim to prosecute each case to the fullest extent possible.

Disclaimer and liability

You accept that the Internet is not always a reliable and that system outages may occur.  

Save to the extent set out in the Competition and Consumer Act 2012 (Cth) (including the consumer guarantees under Australian Consumer Law) or otherwise permitted by law, We will not be liable for any damages direct, incidental, consequential or otherwise, loss or corruption of data, loss of profits, goodwill, bargain or opportunity or loss of anticipated savings resulting from your purchase of any tickets or your access to, or use of, or inability to use the web site and its content, whether based in contract, tort, negligence, statute or any other legal theory, and whether or not We know of the possibility of such damage.

Choice of Law

These Terms and Conditions shall be governed by the laws of the State of New South Wales, Australia but legal proceedings may be commenced in any Australian State or Territory.

Australian Consumer Law

Our goods and services come with consumer guarantees that cannot be excluded under Australian Consumer Law. Those consumer guarantees apply in addition to any other express warranties which we provide under this Agreement. You are entitled to a replacement or refund for a major failure and for compensation for any other reasonably foreseeable loss or damage.

About Us

New Friendly Inn Pty Ltd trading as Kangaroo Valley Craft Beer and BBQ Festival ('KVBBQ')

ACN: 152 729 998 is an Australian based company.

All Correspondence to: 159 Moss Vale Rd, Kangaroo Valley, NSW 2577, Australia

Questions? Email: [email protected]