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Smokey BBQ Bandits


The Smokey BBQ Bandits have been feeding the lower half of Sydney since 2014, when Head Smoker Ruben introduced KC style BBQ to his mates...



Team Members

  • Ruben
  • Geeza
  • Heather

Team Bio

It was first met with doubt, as who knows barbie better than Aussies, but it has now turned into a regular weekly activity.

The Bandits have now expanded to around 5 dedicated smokers ranging from chefs to IT nerds, that love nothing better than rubbing down a large hunk of meat and serving it to the masses.

PIT BOSS: RUBEN Ever since he was a boy he liked to play with fire, now he can do it on a daily basis as the pit boss at smokey bbq bandits. He also was the founding member of the Bandits introducing brisket to everyone down south. After couple of trips to Kansas City, he was completely hooked on BBQ, lunch, arvo snack, dinner it doesn’t matter when, it was always on the cards. He is also head writer of this blog.

HEAD CHEF: GEEZA Introduced to low and slow by the pit boss, he has embraced it with open arms, bringing his knowledge and love of food to the Bandits. Geeza has worked in some of Sydney’s top restaurants and to this day is a sought after man when you want to talk about meat. He is also the best man to sort through ordering, serving and presentation. Always up for a taste test and improvement session.

THE PROTECTOR, RUB DIVA AND SAUCE QUEEN: HEATHER With all good BBQ keeping that lid shut is a huge task especially when Ruben and Geeza are both cooking. That is the role of the protector, someone that monitors the BBQ for unauthorized openings. She is also the rub and sauce self-crowned queen of the Smokey BBQ Bandits, her rub is the base for our competition products and sauces. 

Team Philosophy

Blame judge 6

Recent Competition Results

  • We don't talk about that.


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  • Due to council regulations the teams may not sell their BBQ. However, judges do get to taste & score all entries.
  • Judging spots are limited. Do you want to see the boys in action and be a guest judge at the event?
  • Are  you excited about the big event? Better get your tickets here.

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The Friendly Inn, one of the Shoalhaven's oldest pubs, is located in the heart of Australia’s most beautiful valley. As host of the 3rd annual Kangaroo Valley Craft Beer and BBQ Festival you are invited to once again come along to enjoy the regions finest Crafted Brews and BBQ's.

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