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Do you cook the best steak in your neighborhood?  Are you the king of your cul-de-sac? On Saturday 11th September 2021 the Kangaroo Valley Craft Beer & BBQ Festival is about to settle this once and for all by hosting an Steak Cookoff Association International Cook-Off. Let's see just who exactly can rule the grill! 


SCA 101

The SCA is a unique BBQ competition where teams all use the same cut of meat. It's a 1 1/8" Boneless Choice Ribeye Steak to be exact.This benefits both cook teams and cookoffs by implementing standardized rules and equal competitive opportunities for each team. 

The SCA's primary focus is STEAK, our goal is to create a fun relaxed environment and a fair competition. It's about cooking not who has the most money. SCA events provide all the steaks to ensure a level playing field for teams.  Our double blind judging process adds to the integrity and the best cook that day wins. The Steak Cookoff Association is dedicated to building the sport of steak cookoffs. 

Every cookteam likes to know the rules, know the judging tent is run with integrity, that payouts are guaranteed and that they have an equal opportunity to win.  All SCA sanctioned cookoffs will have a "SCA Representative" on site to run the judging area and be an ambassador to the cookteams.  The SCA Representative will be trained and know all the rules and regulations of an SCA cookoff.  The SCA Rep on Duty will be Trent Lawrence.

SCA was founded in late 2013 by Brett Gallaway and Ken Phillips at the time there were only 9 steak cookoffs in the United States.  In 2014 SCA sanctioned 19 events, in 2015 SCA Sanctioned 47 events including Europe and Canada, 2016 SCA sanctioned 87 events and in 2017 SCA sanctioned 116 events with events in the US, Japan, Canada, Belgium, The Netherlands, The UK, Germany and Australia.

Judging and FAQ 

For a full transcript of the SCA's judge training and FAQ's go here.

  • Steak may be cooked on any fire or heat source.
  • Head cooks may only enter one entry into the steak category.
  • No other ribeye steaks other than the ones provided to the teams by promoters are to be present at cook sites.
  • Steaks should be cooked Medium (warm pink center).
  • Steaks may be lightly trimmed before, but not after, cooking.
  • Steaks may not be marked or branded in any way. (Grill marks are not considered marking).
  • Turn in one steak, whole and uncut, on top of the provided foil disk. The provided foil disks must be placed in the box, silver side up, and not folded in any way.
  • No sauce or garnish is allowed in the steak turn in box.
  • A compound butter is allowed, as long as it is melted on the steak.
  • There are no size standards for the seasonings on the steak.
  • Pooling of natural juices in the box is acceptable.
Reasons for DQ in steak:

  1. Any foreign object found in the turn in box. (String, Toothpick, Skewer, etc.)
  2. Ribeye steaks other than the ones provided for the event found in team area.
  3. A marked steak.
  4. Steak turned in after the turn in window has expired.
  5. Folded foil disk in the box.
SCA Bill Murray

SCA Founders

Founders - Brett Gallaway & Ken Phillips


  • The SCA is a relatively new competition to Australia where teams all start with the same piece of meat.
  • The format may be different to the Low and Slow ABA style but the results are just as spectacular.
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