KVBBQ Kangaroo Valley Craft Beer And BBQ Festival

Notorious P.I.G.

Notoirious PIG - Logo

Here's a team with some street cred... 


Notorious PIG 2

Team Members

  • Matt,
  • Vlad,
  • Kurtis,
  • Mark

Team Bio

Group of friends come together in love of BBQ. Especially the P.I.G.

Team Philosophy

We love the P.I.G.!!!!. NOTORIOUS P.I.G. BBQ TEAM

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  • Due to council regulations the teams may not sell their BBQ. However, judges do get to taste & score all entries.
  • Judging spots are limited. Do you want to see the boys in action and be a guest judge at the event?
  • Are  you excited about the big event? Better get your tickets here.

About the Author KVBBQ

The Friendly Inn, one of the Shoalhaven's oldest pubs, is located in the heart of Australia’s most beautiful valley. As host of the 3rd annual Kangaroo Valley Craft Beer and BBQ Festival you are invited to once again come along to enjoy the regions finest Crafted Brews and BBQ's.

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