Loaded BBQ, The Team To Watch


Loaded BBQ are a South Western Sydney based barbecue team and are all Professional Butchers. They have been together competing since 2016 for the love of sharing their Artisan skills...


Team Members

  • Andrew Morabito 
  • Ben Barrow 
  • Tony Pierce

Team Bio

Andrew joined the team with a good friend Jason Loader who owned a butcher shop and was obsessed with low and slow BBQ. His father lives in the USA and the times that Jason visited him he would go and visit the BBQ scene. He bought back tips and techniques to his shop and expanded the catering part of his business. 

Jason asked Andrew to join the team because of his butchery skills and also his love of cooking and everything BBQ. Their first competition was Meatstock Sydney 2016. They did better than expected and place 23rd overall. They became convinced that they were on the right path by competing and putting themselves under the pressure of competitions so the catering in the business would only get better . 

Tragically Jason took his own life in April that year. The tragedy was devastating to Andrew and everyone who knew Jason. After the funeral Andrew decided with Jason's families blessing to continue with the team and the team name in his memory. 

He recruited a couple of great guy's who along with himself, love cooking and competing on the ABA calendar. 

Team Philosophy

We are butchers who love to cook and are good at it. 

We believe that there is nothing better than Meat, BBQ, Smoke, and beer. Bonding over a weekend with like minded people in events that seem to be designed just for us. 

The boy's believe that the art of butchery is being lost and would love to bring back the artisan trade of Butchery to give it the recognition that it deserves. They work at TAFE NSW teaching Meat Retail to apprentice butchers and also teach Smallgoods manufacturing. They would love people to see their trade as a huge part of the Food industry and what better way than on the BBQ scene.

Recent Competition Results

  • Buffalo Trace Australian Barbecue Wars 2018 – 3rd place pork, 18th overall
  • Meatstock Sydney 2018-2nd place pork 24th overall
  • Kangaroo Valley Craft Beer & BBQ Festival – 2nd pork rib, 5th beef, 9th overall


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  • Due to council regulations the teams may not sell their BBQ. However, judges do get to taste & score all entries.
  • Judging spots are limited. Do you want to see the boys in action and be a guest judge at the event?
  • Are  you excited about the big event? Better get your tickets here.

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