Highland Q

Family competition BBQ team from Gloucester NSW...

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Rollin Smoke BBQ

Competing since 2015 , we have reached the elite status for competition bbq in Australia...

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Blue Dog BBQ

The Blue Dog BBQ team originated from Sydney. Our debut competition was the original Sydney Meatstock 2016 at Homebush, Sydney. Even though the competition was held in a bitumen car park and the temperature was over 40'C both days, we all loved it and were hooked firmly into the Aussie BBQ scene...

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Grillas in the Mist

2 mates, McGilla & Wookie starting off in the competitive BBQ/Smoking arena. After a few years cooking for family and friends at home on pellet smokers.

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Rubbin The Fat, Beware New Blood

Rubbin The Fat are an Illawarra based barbecue team. They are new blood for this event so beware...

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Loaded BBQ, The Team To Watch

Loaded BBQ are a South Western Sydney based barbecue team and are all Professional Butchers. They have been together competing since 2016 for the love of sharing their Artisan skills...

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Fork ‘N Pork BBQ

Fork 'N Pork are a Bathurst based barbecue team and King of the Smokey Mountain and UDS. 2018 see’s their second season of competing but they have been together for many more cooking for the love of low and slow...

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KVBBQ Festival FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

This year marks the sixth time we have hosted a festival on the November weekend and in that time there have been a few commonly asked questions. So, to help the public we have posted the answers here.

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Steak Cookoff Association of America

Do you cook the best steak in your neighborhood?  Are you the king of your cul-de-sac? This Saturday 17th November 2018 the Kangaroo Valley Craft Beer & BBQ Festival is about to settle this once and for all by hosting an Steak Cookoff Association International Cook-Off. Let's see just who exactly can rule the grill! 

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KVBBQ Sponsors


Here's your gallery of theSponsors who have contributed to the Festival. We are very grateful for their support and we would encourage you to use their services.

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ABA Competition Logo

ABA Lowdown and Competition Leaderboard

The Kangaroo Valley Craft Beer & BBQ Festival (#KVBBQ) is the final sanctioned event of the Australasian Barbeque Alliance 2018 competition. Here's the fat, and the skinny, of the ABA so you can better appreciate the BBQ battles, the rules the teams must abide and what each of the teams have been competing for throughout the year.

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Pirate Life

Its One Two Three, A Pirates Life For Me

Pirate Life Brewing’s story began in the cellars of the Scottish craft brewer, BrewDog. It was here that Jack Cameron and Jared "Red" Proudfoot met as brewing apprentices and forged a friendship (or some might say 'hatched a canny plan') that would culminate in the formation of the Pirate Life Brewing Company of Hindmarsh SA. Now there's a story worth sticking around for...

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Black Iron Smokers

Black Iron Smokers Return With A Monster

2018 mark the 3rd year the Black Iron Smokers will cater for the Kangaroo Valley Craft Beer & BBQ Festival, and this time around they are bringing their brand new Monster 40" x 110" Silver Creek Smoker to make sure everybody gets a taste...

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Nomad Kitchen & BBQ

Nomad Kitchen & BBQ will be there again

Down in Wandandian, all the locals know about their hometown favourites, Nomad Kitchen & BBQ and they can't stop raving about their fabulous food. So this 17th and 18th of November #KVBBQ are happy to announce the Nomads will attend the festival again to share their incredible BBQ experience.

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Brazilian Flame Logo

Have you tried Brazilian Flame BBQ yet?

If there’s one thing the people of Brazil are famous for, it has to be enjoying a good festival. In fact, just thinking about Brazil brings Rio de Janeiro and the Mardi Gras festival instantly to mind. What I bet you didn’t know when you ask a Brazilian what else they love...

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Lord Nelson Brewery

Lord Nelson Brewery

The Lord Nelson Brewery will be there.

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Kangaroo Valley Craft Beer BBQ Festival

Is This The Best BBQ Event In The Country?

Preparations are underway for the 3rd annual Kangaroo Valley Craft Beer and BBQ Festival. Scheduled to run the weekend of 17th and 18th, November in the fabulous beer garden of Kangaroo Valley's Friendly Inn. See why it is set to be the best weekend BBQ of the year.

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