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Insane Skewers from Bar B Skew


Enjoying Street food vending in the Phillipines is a time honoured tradition that dates back well beyond the short two hundred odd years that Australia has been a nation. The Quakers Hill based 'Bar B Skew' are an authentic Charcoal BBQ Street Food outfit that fully embodies this tradition. KVBBQ are extremely proud to have retained their services for your enjoyment at this year's festival...



Bar-B-Skew - Insane Mode On!


Bar-B-Skew - BBQ Pork Skewers


Bar-B-Skew - Pork Crackle Chicharons

Bar B Skew's Love of Simple Food

It was a love for simple food done well. 

Nothing beats a BBQ, and one group of people that perfected the art are the Filipinos. There is no doubting the potential for flavour from a legitimate Asian BBQ street food vendor. When you combine juicy tender beef, chicken or seafood with smoking charcoal, sizzling juices, hot sauce marinade, and pungent smoke; we all know where this can take you. 

Bar B Skew have turned a desire of sharing the culture of Filipino BBQ street food with the people into a profession. From humble beginnings, feeding two people from a fire pit in the backyard, to serving thousands at festivals.They have become absolute masters of production. Being able to grill nearly 500 skewers at any one time. 

A Testament to Their Quality

Their massive output capacity combined with generous servings and some fantastic bbq flavours has placed their services in very high demand. So much so, that their event card at the food catering festivals around Sydney and beyond, over the last two years is quite incredible. It is a testament to their quality and their popularity.

We are very fortunate to be able to present their unique Filipino BBQ style to the South Coast. Depending on what is available, you can try Beef, Chicken, Pork, Prawn and Fish. In fact they will often create a special skewer in keeping with the event. We can't wait to see what they bring to Kangaroo Valley this year.

 BBQ is an art, and one that we intend to enjoy, improve and share with you for years to come.

A speciality made recently available is the very traditional Chicharon, or cone of hand made pork crackle pieces. This is no-doubt the perfect accompaniment for a Craft Beer schooey!

Here's what people are saying about Bar B Skew...


Very delicious! Better than any Filipino BBQ I've tried! Generous, chunky servings of expertly marinated meat served with Java Rice and Atchara which completes the experience. Good job guys! Way to go to the newest Oz-Noy creation (Aussie-Pinoy)!!! 


Jaclyn Cruz-Lerma


Had the privilege to find and try Bar-B-Skew at Meatstock Sydney Festival. The skewers are absolutely amazing along with the service and value for money. Highly recommended!!


Louis Koliomihos


The skewers are the best I've ever eaten! I can't pick between the chicken or the pork, the skewers are generous with extremely tender meat and the marinade is awesome!


Francesca Ventrice

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  • Bar B Skew are experienced high-capacity caterers from Quakers Hill in Sydney.
  • This is their first time to KVBBQ Festival and they are ready to impress you with their generous, flavourful skewers.
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