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2 Smoking Barrels Have Meat Will Travel


The 'Meat Sweats' are an unavoidable yet enjoyable malady when you come across the 2 Smoking Barrels BBQ meat wagon. It's something they are very proud to bring on with all of their customers. This November they are Barrelling down to Kangaroo Valley so you had better come prepared...



2 Smoking Barrels - Full House Plate!


2 Smoking Barrels - Nashville Chicken Roll


2 Smoking Barrels - The Meat Sweats Are On

American Barbeque Catering

Slingin' Barbecue and tinnies, we do takeaway 

They are the real authentic item when you think about the American Low and Slow BBq catering. You can smell the sizzling, smoking brisket from two hundred meters away. The closer you get the stronger the sensation. You know are about to enter the meat sweat zone where all senses are aroused and it's all you can do to contain yourself in the line, waiting your turn to order and then to devour. 

2 Smoking Barrels have turned a desire to create an authentic USA BBQ Food Truck into an Illawarra version of the Pied Piper. Their lines of hungry diners can be witnessed regularly across town at pop-up events each and every weekend.

Luckily, if you are not in the loop and you just can't wait any longer, you can catch the sweats in the comfort of their Flinders St, Wollongong restaurant.

Festival Food Made Real

Good meat, salt, pepper, smoke and a whole lotta time. Good barbecue is hard work, but that’s why we do the work for you.

It's their dedication to authenticity that has driven the popularity for 2 Smoking Barrels. Their fantastic bbq flavours, consistency of service and epic portion sizes that has seen them invited to cater all sorts of events from weddings to shop openings and from festivals to cellar doors. 

It's little wonder the KVBBQ has jumped at the chance to welcome their mobile meat wagon to the the Valley. We know you will all be wanting to try the BBQ that is just sooo popular now and we can't wait to see how much they will be heaping onto their rolls and bbq plates at the festival this 17/18 November.

Here's what people are saying about 2 Smoking Barrels...


My wedding would not have been the same without 2 Smoking Barrels. It was a great evening, tonnes of amazing food and the guys serving were an absolute barrel of laughs. Definitly think about these guys for your next big event! They even catered for allergies with easy. Thank you so much team!


Georgia Grace Visman


Quality feed. I got the platter and shared. I will be all over that next time. The chips were great as well. I highly recommend it for a date night. The cardboard serving tray and wooden cutlery is great for our lovely town.


Phil Hester


Absolutely delicious!! My partner and I had 2 beef brisket burgers each at yours & owls festival. Bloody beautiful. Juicy and tender brisket. Fantastic sauce and slaw with it. Morish!!


Emma Frew

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  • 2 Smoking Barrels are Authentic USA Slow Cooked BBq Caterers from Wollongong.
  • This is their first time to KVBBQ Festival and they are coming to Sling Barbeque and fill your tums!.
  • Are  you excited about the big event yet? It's ticket-only this year so you better get your tickets here.
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